BAMST is the Belgian Association of Meat Science and Technology. The mission of BAMST, as an academic non-profit organization, is

     to establish a network of scientists in the field of meat science and technology,
     to stimulate scientific research dissemination, to a broad public, in the field of meat science and technology,
     to stimulate scientific research, of public interest, in the field of meat science and technology,
     to be a reference for science-based information on all aspects of meat and its role in sustainable food security.

BAMST organizes scientific events and may undertake other activities for advancing this purpose. BAMST was founded in 1986 after the organization of the 32nd European Meeting of Meat Research Workers (EMMRW) in Ghent, Belgium. Since then, BAMST organizes one to more events per year. In principle, BAMST is self-supporting through the registration fee of these events and does not rely on sponsoring. In case sponsorship by whatever organization would be envisaged in future for achieving its mission, the following conditions apply:

     Sponsors subscribe to the general objectives of BAMST.
     They are not permitted to direct the content of scientific programmes or symposia or direct the choice of speakers.
     They cannot claim exclusivity of the sponsoring.
     Sponsors are acknowledged in an agreed format in the programme, on the website or at the event.
     They shall not refer to or use BAMST in activities without prior written permission.
     BAMST also reserves the right to refuse donations, sponsorship or commercial activity proposals.

The Executive Board of BAMST consists currently of the following members:

     President: Frédéric Leroy, professor, VUB
     Vice-President: Stefaan De Smet, professor, UGent
     Secretary: Marijke Aluwé, senior scientist, ILVO
     Treasurer and PR Officer: Marc Casteels, retired meat scientist
     Gilbert Berben, senior scientist, CRA-W
     Antoine Clinquart, professor, ULiège
     Patrick Dirinck, professor emeritus
     Ilse Fraeye, professor, KULeuven
     Frank Vandendriessche, private meat expert
     Lynn Vanhaecke, professor, UGent
     Geert Van Royen, senior scientist, ILVO
     Brigitte Wallays, private meat expert